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The polishing stage of mirror making accomplishes two things. First, it smooths the surface so that light can pass through or be reflected without scattering to form a clear, sharp image.

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Make your own telescope mirror! Each kit comes with a high quality telescope mirror blank and all the abrasives, polish and pitch to grind and polish it. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

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Mirror grinding machine construction log ... Mirror seems to be almost finished, maybe an 1/8" of pits showing up with the laser pointer. My buddy Garth Arsenault brought up his tester and gave me a quick course in its use. Aug 25, 2003 I was a little dismayed at the first results of the foucault test. ...


mirror starter kits The following are starter kits consisting of items listed elsewhere in this catalog. All the mirror blanks and grinding tools have a plano surface (flat surface) unless otherwise noted.

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Apr 17, 2015· Gordon unboxes the mirror blank, and checks out the quality of of the pre-generated surface. Measurements are taken of the diameter and edge thickness, in preparation for making a ceramic grinding ...

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Telescope Making *TELESCOPES PAGE* How I got started in ATM Optical Equipment Pitch tester, Strain testing setup, Mirror test stands, Spherometers, Slitless Foucault testers, Interference test setup, Small grinding machine, Large grinding machine Optical Articles, Tables, etc.

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Telescope Mirror Blanks Providing telescope mirror blanks and kits to telescope makers. Mirror blanks are individually tested for internal strain. Plastic protractor inserted under a 6 inch mirror blank during a stress test, to illustrate what stress would look like - if there were any present.

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Unfortunately, the cost of mirror grinding kits and pyrex blanks has increased significantly in recent years to the point where any savings from making a mirror versus buying one are minimal at best. Yet, the larger the mirror you make the more money you can save when compared to buying a mirror …

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Jumping into Mirror Making Michael Mills. I have been preparing to grind my own primary mirror for a long time. I've collected many fine books on telescope making and mirror grinding, including Richard Berry's Build Your Own Telescope, Sam Brown's All About Telescopes, and Jean Texereau's How to Make a Telescope.I read through all of these books, ordered a 6" mirror kit from Willmann-Bell, and ...

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Chapter Two: Grinding With the 120 Grit, June 11, 2000 My mirror is hyperbolic. In my zeal to achieve an f/8 curve so quickly, I ground out the center of the mirror far more than the required depth. In my zeal to achieve an f/8 curve so quickly, I ground out the center of the mirror far more than the required depth.

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Aug 09, 2011· The full 40-minute video of how to grind a mirror blank prior to having it silvered. Made in association with Terry Pearce and Simon Lang of the Camden Amate...

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My Mirror Grinding Machine. For a long time I've wanted to build a machine for grinding telescope mirrors. Dennis Rech's M-o-M designs finally inspired me to just get up and do it. Over the years, I'd been collecting motors, gear boxes, pulleys, etc.

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Amateur Telescope Making Main Page. Russell Porter ... Much is also unchanged - mirror grinding techniques are very similar to those written up by Porter and Ingalls in the 20´s and 30´s. Many amateur astronomers still choose to fabricate their own instruments, for the pride of accomplishment, the gaining of knowledge and the insurance of ...

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Lens & Mirror Making • Best lenses and mirrors are both made by grinding the surface • Start with a mirror or lens blank • For mirrors only surface needs to be good • Typical mirror want pyrex (eg BK7) • Then need a tool blank – poorer glass & softer glass

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Mirror Making Machines. Grunting away at a mirror for extremely long periods of time is not only un-fun, but is not a good use of your time. A mirror making machine enables the optician to multitask as well as save their own bodies from the horrors of mirror making work.

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Mirror-O-Matic grinding machine. When I decided in 2009 after a ten-year break to get into mirror making again, it quickly became clear to me that I would need to construct machine, as hand grinding big mirrors is not something very beneficial for the hands of a musician.

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The grinding operation will be messy, so it will need to be done outside. Everything is screwed together with long drywall screws to make a really rigid frame. I built a circle-cutting jig for my band saw and cut out some circular parts for the grinder.

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The corrector plate compensates for spherical aberration (the difference between a parabolic main mirror and a spherical main mirror). This is a very complicated curve, and the traditional way to make it was to have an optician make it by hand.

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Fine grinding a telescope mirror. Mel Bartels Fine Grinding The goals of fine grinding are to prepare the curved mirror face so that it is ready for polishing and figuring and make …

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Mirrors on the edge of a grinding plate or evaporator chamber may not have the same surface or coating as those in the center of the apparatus. If there is a wide range of metal thicknesses or surface flatnesses in a single batch of mirrors, the process must be adjusted to improve uniformity.

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Mar 06, 2006· Making a homemade mirror grinding machine - posted in ATM, Optics and DIY Forum: I want to make a motorized mirror grinder, any good info on this, i have a couple geared motors, low speed high torque.

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The same tools and equipment are used as in rough grinding. For the finer grades of grit, many people find it easier to pre-mix them with water in squirt bottles and apply the grit and water to the tool and mirror …

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Mirror Making Machine – Welcome to the Fansler's. Bugger this for a Lark – A machine has got to be easier! I made my first telescope mirror, by hand in … could not afford the material to build a mirror grinding machine …

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mirror grinding machine. I made my first mirror grinding and polishing machine over thirty years ago. It used the working principle of the machine illustrated at "A" Fig.3, Page 163, "Amateur Telescope Making" Book 1.

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Mirror Making. Mirror making is something I have moved into after owning 3 Newtonian and 2 Cassgrain telescopes. There's definitely something mystical about bringing a curve into nanometre perfection on glass in your garage.

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Telescope Mirror Making Kits - We sell complete kits for grinding and polishing high quality telescope mirrors. TelescopeMirrorKits.com provides telescope makers with the most complete telescope mirror making kits available anywhere on the web.

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31 · Here is a 25 inch [635cm] mirror being rough ground followed by a beautiful grinding stand …

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For grinding the back of my 12" mirror, I used an 8" disk of 3/4" particle board, glued tiles to the front with epoxy, and coated the back and sides with polyurethane. It worked great. I made my polishing tool for my 12" mirror out of three layers of 3/4" particle board glued together.

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There are many reasons for grinding your own mirror. Either you want a unusual size, or focal length, or to satisfy your curiosity, or to have the "pride of achievement" by fabricating something as precise as a telescope mirror.

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Making the secondary mirror took me quite some time, but it also was very rewarding. You will learn a lot about optical theory and practical figuring techniques. I learnt, for instance, that it is quite difficult to flatten an initially slightly convex mirror without loosing the sphere.

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Making A Mirror Grinding Tool By Allen Malsburry The average person would never think, "I can make my own telescope." Most amateur astronomers believe, "I can buy a better